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Episode: 207 Marketing Tools, Social Audio, and Holiday Hours
Libsyn Board of Directors updates, Apple Podcasts feed refresh and new marketing tools, it’s awards season for podcasting, more on the chapter mark discussion, the latest on Clubhouse, geographic and user agent stats and so many other bits of podcasting knowledge! TIME-SENSITIVE CONTENT


Quick Episode Summary
  • :13 Intro
  • 4:07 PROMO 1: Based on a True Story
  • 4:33 Rob and Elsie conversation
  • And you thought we had a bunch of press releases last time!
  • Samsung!
  • Patrick Dolan is now part of the Board of Directors
  • Brian Kirby is new Chairman of the Board
  • The Apple Podcasts Team went sent an email about RSS Feed Refresh and new tools for creators
  • Holiday hours for Libsyn Support!
  • Golden Crane and Ambies nominations are open
  • Is it possible to embed a web player into an email?
  • Some tips for optimizing your podcast in Apple Podcasts search
  • 31:10 PROMO 2: Plant Based Briefing
  • Do you have to put your podcast on all the platforms?
  • You can add chapters to an MP3
  • Talking about Clubhouse
  • Shout-out to Hearts of Dulcimer
  • 50:54 PROMO 3: The A & P Professor
  • 51:30 Stats: geographic and user agents
  • Where have we been and where are we going
Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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